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New Beginnings Mental Health is a prominent resource for quality mental health treatment in the Vail Valley, Colorado.  

We specialize in medication management through office visits, telehealth and mobile visits. 


At New Beginnings Mental Health, we will evaluate your individual needs, providing medication management for: ADHD, Binge Eating , Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, OCD and Psychotic Disorders.


We also offer 504/IEP consultation services, assessment/documentation for emotional support animals/housing/airlines and referral to counseling/groups throughout the community

30 Benchmark Road

Suite 210

Avon, Colorado, 81620


For appointments or general information, please contact our practice manager, Charles Harrison:


Appointment Hours:

Monday       12pm-7pm

Wednesday 12pm- 7pm

Friday              8am-2pm

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