Due to state & federal law, we cannot treat patients who are receiving Medicaid or Medicare.  This includes taking cash payment from patients that have Medicaid or Medicare.. Please see guidelines:
New Beginnings Mental Health is considered an out of network provider and does not bill private Insurance.  We will be happy to provide you with a detailed invoice (superbill), as some insurance companies may reimburse you. Each company is different so we recommend you contact your insurance company directly.
Patients may be seen via a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform.  Please note that patient's requiring controlled medications (i.e. ADHD or certain anxiety/sleep medications) are required to have a face to face visit for their initial evaluation in order to met compliance with the Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act. 
Cancellation Policy
Failure to keep your scheduled appointment will result in a charge of 100% of appointment fee unless you cancel at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the appointment time.  In emergent circumstances, please immediately contact us.
 A deposit may be required for new patients prior to scheduling an initial diagnostic evaluation or established patients that have missed appointment(s).  Payment for all visits are expected at time of service. We accept cash, credit cards/debit cards,  HSA or Venmo.
Refill Requests
Patients receiving prescriptions for medication will receive enough medication until the next scheduled follow-up appointment. Therefore, calling for refills is generally not necessary. There will be a $60 charge for all refills outside of a scheduled appointment (per discretion of Dr. Vandenberg).